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Welcome on board!

The 6 TT-Line ferries are devided into 2 different product lines: Premium and Comfort. But all ships have one in common: Our ferries are very roomy from the bow to the stern.

 Premium  Comfort
 Nils Holgersson  Nils Dacke
 Peter Pan  Huckleberry Finn
 TT-Line Green Ship  Robin Hood
   Tom Sawyer

Safety first! Whichever route and type of vessel you choose: All the vessels of the TT-Line conform to the most up-to-date safety requirements. With a more than 50-year track record of successful operations, we are one of the most important ferry operators between Germany and Sweden.  

A restful crossing begins on board your TT-Line ferry and you’ll be doing your health a favour too. All of the cabins and public areas on our ferries are non-smoking areas. In this way we are complying with the efforts being made across Europe and with the prevailing laws aimed at protecting non-smokers. Designated smoking areas are provided on every ship for those guests who do not want to go without their cigarettes entirely.

Nils Holgersson

Peter Pan

TT-Line Green Ship

One new TT-Line Green Ship is intended to be delivered 2022 and to start operation within TT-Line’s route network. This vessel significantly reduce more than 50% emissions in the Baltic Sea.

Robin Hood

Nils Dacke

Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn