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Recliner in relaxation room

You could not find a suitable cabin? Please take a seat and enjoy your crossing in a quite atmosphere in our comfortable recliners onboard of Peter Pan and Nils Holgersson.

Relax in our convenient recliners in our relaxiation rooms on your night and day crossings and arrive rested and fresh at your destination port.

For only EUR11,-/ 110 SEK you can rest during our day departures in our quite rooms and start your vacation in a relaxed way.

All cabins are fully booked? No problem! Alternatively you can book our recliners for only EUR 19,-/ 190 SEK on our night departures and lean back in our comfortable recliners.

Since our recliners are limited, we recommend to book your seat in our relaxiation room before your journey. Start your holiday relaxed on board our ferries!


Book as follows:
In the third step in our online booking dialogue you can add a cabin to your booking. Please search for "recliners in relaxiation room" and choose the number of required seats.

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