Company profile

Reliability, quality, precision and environmental awareness - these are the principles on which the private shipping group TT-Line offers a fast, green, reasonably priced link across the Baltic Sea between Germany, Poland and Sweden with 6 modern Ropax ferries for more than 50 years.

With up to 17 departures a day, TT-Line links the largest German Baltic ports, Travemünde and Rostock, and the Polish Świnoujście with the southern Swedish transport hub of Trelleborg, the most important ferry port in Sweden. 

TT-Line carries nearly 900.000 guests a year180.000 cars and more than 400.000 freight units and is thus the market leader in direct transport between Germany/Poland and Sweden. 

The modern TT-Line ships are staffed by an experienced crew and offer maximum comfort and reliability. All ports called at by TT-Line have excellent direct motorway connections to the national motorway networks. 

Spacious cabins, high-quality meals and integrated 'SEA & SAVE' board shops with a wide selection of products turn the crossing into an experience for the up to 6.500 passengers that TT-Line is able to carry every day

Thanks to reliable transport capacity of over 30 kilometers of 'deck length' and efficient intermodal connections, freight transport via TT-Line is now an integral part of a variety of logistics solutions. 

TT-Line's technology and environmental management has received several awards. TT-Line has developed the 'Green Bridge Concept' and is achieving a further reduction of emissions of harmful substances with the installation of diesel electric propulsion systems. With flow-optimised hull forms and speed management to optimise fuel consumption, it has been possible to further optimise the CO2 footprint. 

With more than 600 employees, TT-Line has annual revenue of approximately EUR 160 million. The German entrepreneurs Dr. Arend Oetker and Dr. Bernhard Termühlen hold equal numbers of shares in Trampschiffahrt GmbH & Co. KG, the TT-Line holding company.